Arm (2014–present)

I joined in June 2014, just after my PhD, to continue research in computer architecture. My research mainly focuses on system architecture. Previous projects include translation, full-system modelling, and memory encryption & integrity.

Uppsala University (2009–2014)

Before joining Arm, I did a PhD in Computer Architecture. This resulted in the thesis Understanding Multicore Performance: Efficient Memory System Modeling and Simulation (ISBN: 978-91-554-8922-9). The focus of the thesis was techniques for efficient memory system modelling and performance prediction.

Acumem AB (2007–2009)

Between my Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics and Scientific Computing and my PhD, I briefly worked for startup Acumem AB. The company was developing products that used statistical cache modelling to profile applications and give developers optimisation advise. Under the hood, an in-house dynamic binary instrumentation framework to sample non-unique reuse distances. These profiles were analysed using StatCache or StatStack to translate the reuse distance profiles into cache miss probabilities. These miss probabilities could then be assigned to specific program locations. Together with a sampled data-flow graph, the tools suggested cache-friendly optimisations such as data structure layout transformation or loop transformations.

Shortly after I joined Uppsala University to work full time on a PhD in Computer Architecture, Acumem was acquired by Rouge Wave Software. The tool is now distributed by ParaTools as open source available as open source (LGPL) as ParaTools ThreadSpotter.

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